Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tid-Bit: Eleanor Roosevelt

Some say she was the "original blogger."I don't know that I'd disagree after following a trail of links and pausing my travels at the My Day Project.  It is a comprehensive collection of Eleanor Roosevelt's My Day newspaper articles from 1936 to 1962, with day by day links that you can browse through by year & month, or explore via several sites that have sifted through them with a particular focus in mind.  Personally, I like flipping through the diary as it was written.  I'm in no rush but for those more interested in topics:

There is the White House Historical Society My Day: Eleanor Roosevelt Chronicles Life and Work in the White House.  With several themes as well as audio recordings.

A PBS site with selected entries for reading/ downloading that focuses on
key events   race issues    women's issues

Please note, Tid-Bit sites are Not in the Public Domain.  They have restrictions of use and copyright holders and probably secret agents that will come to your door if you don't watch out. So mind your manners when visiting Tid-Bit sites, thanks kKm.

There are some beautiful examples of Eleanor Roosevelt quotes are out there, do you have a favorite?

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